This course is aimed at those who are not confident to draw land survey drawings.


The land survey drafting course is the most popular course. People who attend it before the drafting course may feel unsure of the job and they feel they don’t have all the information they need.

Once they attended the course and learnt how to follow the correct procedures, feel confident and inspired when they go back to work after the course. The quality of training and practical experience they get on the course feel that they can be flexible, productive survey drafters.


Before the completion of the course will be able to:

• Import data from the total station
• Check the precision of the instrument and control focuses based on measured data.
• Set-up codes
• Create Sections
• Import Images
• Create a Controlled plan
• Check and convert units
• Drafting functions
• Create 4 types of drawings
• Symbols
• Setout points of co-ordinates using the stake and function
• Setout points into a baseline using the reference line function
• Four types of setting-out
• Four types of survey

Inference from Learning:

i) Everything explained clearly
ii) Worked examples
iii) Step-by-Step instructions
iv) Essential Drafting Checks
v) Troubleshooting checks,br>