A site supervisor inspects and harmonize the daily operation of the worksite to ensure prominent performance and conformity with safety guidelines. He has the major task of maintaining good books relationship with stakeholders and should acquire a detailed knowledge of the relevant enactment, governance, and obligation with remark to construction, building, well-being and security.


Ø Read the GFC drawings and day-to-day supervision of works at site as per approved drawings
Ø Preparation of detailed estimate and B.O.Q on the basis of drawings
Ø Report the daily labour development and progress achieved in terms of quantities
Ø Follow strictly quality assurance/ control checklist and acceptance criteria
Ø Completion of work within the given time frame
Ø Coordination with administration, management, contractors
Ø Cross check the verification of bills
Ø Manpower handling supervision of work on site
Ø Handling site independently
Ø Knowledge of AutoCAD

Ø Planning and scheduling all the activities
Ø Resource mobilization
Ø Coordinates of QA procedures at the site
Ø Day-to-day management of the site (Supervising/Monitoring
Ø Checking plan, drawings and quantities for the occurrence of application
Ø Ensuring all materials used and work performed are as per specifications
Ø Preparing project reports as required
Ø Knowledge of piling by hydraulic rotary piling rig
Ø Experience in finishing like interiors, marble work, painting, tiles, etc.,
Ø Basement construction, pile foundations, residential multi storing areas
Ø Forecasting material usages
Ø Periodical stock checking and reportin
Ø Prepare weekly/ monthly progress reports to supervisors
Ø Prepare material indent as per the requirement and regular follow up
Ø Estimating costs and use of labour, equipment and materials
Ø Knowledge in BBS
Ø Knowledge of basement construction and pile foundation