Are you disappointed by any of the following problems?

Ø Poor quality control point
Ø Poor quality record keeping
Ø Errors
Ø Engineers not being properly trained in the first place.
How does this support?
Ø All relevant paperwork is set up for the whole job.
Ø Equipment checking
Ø Accurate reliable control points set up at the beginning, so the whole job goes smoothly
Ø No need to subcontract to a survey company
Ø No need to rely on Freelance engineers
Ø Once your engineer has been given proper training and guidance they can apply the learning to all their future jobs
Ø They can help choose the culture on your sites.

How do we take the process?

Meet the engineering ad, other relevant staff, on-site. (eg: Site Manager, project manager, site in-charge)

Make a list of all the important documentation(eg: Drawings)

Creating a survey plan and a survey file that is with your existing system

To establish accurately and reliable horizontal and vertical control points with the guidance of the mentor

Work with the engineer to establish secondary control point and ensure that the correct procedure is failed