Existing Site Training

Perfect For

•Supporting your business to a higher level

•Supporting Young Engineers

We will work with your site engineers on their own site to install accurate and reliable primary control points setup.

We will work through the process with them, take the measurement, and process the results.

We will help them set up the relevant setting of our related questions

We will empower your engineers to take ownership of all aspects on site

How do we take the process?

Meet and interact with our engineer or any other relevant staff, on-site. (eg: Site Manager, project manager, site in-charge)

Make a list of all the important documentation(eg: Required for the drafting)

Creating a survey plan and a survey file that is with your existing system

To establish horizontal and vertical control points reliably and accurately with the guidance of the mentor

Work with the engineer to establish secondary control point and ensure that the correct procedure is followed.