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About our company

We are glad to introduce LADDER GROUPS the Revolutionist in Survey field. We made the renaissance in survey field through the Advanced Technologies instead of using the tapes and other old methods. There are very few Surveyors who are using the Advanced Technologies in India. We proudly say that LADDER LAND SURVEYS is one of that and we are one of the Top Surveyor in the World.

When we started the business it was not easy for us to convince the Clients and people to create the awareness about the “TOTAL STATION” (Laser Instrument).

After more hurdles we had unveiled Ladder Land Survey (LLS) Office in Chennai in the year of 1998, on Jan 3rd.

Just we are looking back on every one of our employee sweat path, we do not believe that how the Government of Tamilnadu, Government of Andhra Pradesh even Government of India and topmost Private Client lifted us up in a Short Duration. There is no wonder that we are passionate in our profession.

But invisible ambition of LADDER Group is to start a separate institute for survey with all Advanced Survey equipments. Especially, we wanted to train the students through the TOTAL STATION advanced instrument. Mean while, we are very much in particular to start the institute with least fee structure.

In a very short period, we had started a separate institute for Surveying, which is called as “Ladder Survey Institute of Technology (LSIT)”. The institute, which is running successfully more than 1000 students without any profit motive. We never confuse ourselves with Ladder Land Surveys (LLS) and Ladder Survey Institute of Technology (LSIT) as these are two different verticles. The institute is doing their operations in Tirupati, Chennai, Vellore & Salem.


Ladder Survey Institute Of Technology

We introduce ourselves as an upcoming Survey & mapping training institute, successfully accomplished training thousands of students across India. Our motto is to provide high quality, cost effective land survey training to our society through students. Our surveying capabilities are wide ranging and include:-

  • Highway Surveys,
  • Topographical surveys,
  • Near shore hydrographical surveys,
  • Cadastral surveys,
  • Setting out Surveys,
  • DGPS Control works,
  • Pipe line route mapping,
  • Surveys for elevated Metrorail,
  • GIS Data collection,
  • Updating of maps,
  • Irrigation and Command area Contouring, etc.

We have procured state of art equipments and facilities such as DGPS, TOTAL STATIONS, Large format plotters and scanners and allied instruments in sufficient quantity to expertise the land survey training on all scale. Our most important assets are our Trainers. The well motivated professional trainers has exposure to all kinds of survey works like topographical, hydrographical, cadastral, and engineering surveys. They are backed up by more than 20 experienced civil and software engineering graduates.

Mission & Vision Statement

  • The Ladder Survey Institute of technology Promotes advance Civil Engineering Knowledge, in creation.
  • Maintaining high ethical, Practical, Multicultural and Global Standards.
  • To be recognized as a world-class Practical learning institute for Engineering.
  • Providing the high-quality academics that foster student development and connect knowledge, practice. 

Company’s Specialty Ladder Land Surveys

Availability of 24 hrs (any Doubt, Explanation, Clarifications) Easily Understandable Drawings
Any Drawing Correction and any new Building imposing free of cost workout.
All Surveyors Very Experienced in TOTAL STATION use and Dynamic Persons Company Employs all are Civil engineers with High Experience in the Surveying Field.


  • Boundary surveys used TOTAL STATION – Travers closed method “Every point taken
       by Total Station& Gps
  • Site Description Topographical features implementing the drawing like
  • Building edges point & Internal Open to Sky points.
  • Tree locations “ every tree will be implemented in drawing”
  • Roads “Cement road, black top road, mud road etc, all type of road implemented in drawings. “ Area of the road in the site – Length, Width, Orientations implemented in drawing.
  • Power poles, light poles, telephone pole,transformers are implemented in drawing.
  • Every building drainages and water lines are implemented in drawings.
  • Bore wells, Motor rooms, Well points, over head water tanks, Sumps, Septic tank etc, - implemented in drawings.
  • Surrounding details like site front of the roads, Railway lines implemented in drawings.
  • Leveling “Every building Floor Level point and Spot levels with Contouring of Lowest Site level are done.
  • Man Holes are implemented in drawings.   All the above works are done by only laser Sokkia 530RX Total station (Non Prism) Equipment.


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